I’m a product designer with over 8 years of experience working remotely from Poland. I combine my interest in graphic design and my understanding of technology to create simple and clear solutions for high-performance websites. Having experienced all stages of digital product life-cycle gave me solid experience in designing user-centered websites and apps while never losing sight of the clients' requirements and strategic goals.

Discovering art, video games and new recipes are some of the things I enjoy, along with typography, wine and more wine.


GoodToday (2020 – Present), Russ Perry (2020), The Maze Mail (2020), BHMR (2020), Sniff (2020), The Dope Company (2019 – Present), Woolly (2018 – 2019), Screenmarks (2018 – Present), Atolla Skincare (2018), MediSprout (2018), Design Pickle (2017 – 2018), Beauty Stewards (2017), Signal Biometrics (2016), ZipBooks (2016), One Bust app (2015), Zibbet (2014 – 2015), Claro.today (2014 – Present), Customer Awesome (2014 – Present), Beutler Ink (2014), Social Print Studio (2013 – 2014), SkullCandy (2013).

You can see random project shots here.

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